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Are you searching a /the good message or a good communication channel to reach your customers? We can help you with our expertise and very large address book in life science, pharma or lay press journalists or agencies in Benelux and beyond.

Analyse des données

Market analysis

Understanding the market dynamics and selecting the right segment(s) for growth, let us guide you through the most profitable strategies.

Expertise in market data acquisition and analysis, market surveys, advisory groups, ...

réunion d'affaires

Marketing strategies

Your products have unique selling point and clear messages to deliver. What the the best marketing mix to reach your customers? Let us show you a way fitting with your company image and value....


Scientific support

Why is your customer do not understand yet how the latest publication proves that your product is great?

Do you need someone to catch the essence of a scientific publication and highlight the key selling elements for adapting your message and promotional materials to the unmet needs of your clients or organise a training?  Challenge our expertise today in writing win/win messages ...


Promotional material building

You want to make your message clear, catch the eyes of your customer and ensure that your customer identifies clearly where he will use your product or service in the next weeks?

Ask us to suggest you the best promotional materials to develop and liaise with design studios, e-specialists and printers.


Pricing & Reimbursement

When launching new medicines is particularly challenging to demonstrate sufficient product value to support successful reimbursement and patient access, Finding the right balance between value and costs in a country and accross Europe is a delicate exercise. 

We can help you set the right approach with the right stakeholders (Payers, States, Insurers, Hospitals, or specialised P&R agents...)


Patient Association support

For us the patient voice is essential. We are fighting at their side to improve their quality of life and survival.

If you are a patient association seeking for support and networking advices, or a company willing to fit with the patient journey, ask for our expertise.

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